An ever-stylish accessory particularly in the summer months, flower hair clips are as versatile and unique as the many flowers in the world. Add to that an amazing number of artsy creations that hardly resemble any real flower, and you will have a whole other world to add to the lifelike creations. Whatever your tastes and preferences, there is certainly a flower hair clip that will give your style a pop wherever you go.

The Basics of a Flower Hair Clip

Most life-like flower clips are made of satin flowers. This ensures that they will stay fresh-looking for a long time. The flowers themselves are soft, shiny, and quite durable. They are usually mounted on small pins, alligator clips, or larger snap clips (these are used for larger flowers). Other flower hair clips are made of a foam replica that is hard like a rock. These kinds of flowers are usually made to resemble Hawaiian flowers and other exotic blooms that may not be available in the poly-silk faux flowers. Other artsy creations, such as the flower clips made by Lanza’s Creations, are not made of these materials at all; instead, they utilize aluminum scales and are handwoven into a metallic binding and glued to a hair clip. Any and all of these options would make adorable hairdo accessories for any fashionista.

For the Poor Fashionistas: Make Your Own Clip for a Fraction of the Cost!

The other option is to make your own flower hair clips. These make a fun, unique, and beautiful craft project that is especially enjoyable if a homemade fascinator hat seems a little over your head. The beauty of homemade flower hair clips is that the creation is truly a reflection of the maker’s personality. The project can be as simple as gluing your favorite faux flower blossom onto a clip, or it can be more creative, utilizing ribbons, pearls, and beautiful fabric to make a more individualized accessory. Who knows? Maybe your creations could go from being a hobby to making you a few extra dollars from friends who are raving over your own clips!

How to Wear a Flower Hair Clip

There are many different ways to sport a flower clip in your hair, or on your clothing even. One of the most popular trends with flower clips right now is to clip them into the base of a braid–right at the point where the braid leaves the head and becomes the tail. Another option is to nestle the flower into a loose bun. For a Hawaiian look, try simply pinning the flower just behind your ear and leave the rest of your hair down. Beware with this style; the location of the flower speaks volumes. If you are looking for a mate, wear the flower over your right ear. If you already have one, change it to the left. One popular chic idea is to use large flower hair pins to pin your bangs into place. All of these are fun ideas to help you plant that flower in the ideal spot.